5 Companies You Could Start Today

Are you trying to make money apart from your day job? Are you out of work and considering starting your own company rather than look for employment again? You don’t have to be a worker, you could be a founder. Consider these potential companies that are easy to start and maintain, as long as you have the skills and the drive to make them a success.


These days, it might seem like everyone has an opinion on everything. Blogging is no longer the unique pursuit it once was, simply because there are so many. But if you believe in your writing skills and your ability to make your point or spread valuableinformation, you could start a blog easily and quickly make an impact in your niche. Through the use of affiliate marketing and AdSense, your blog could grow to be a steady source of side income or even full-time income for you.

You could use your blog as leverage to become a freelancer. Freelance as a blog creator, a social media expert or a writer. There are many who are willing to pay for these skills. The benefit? Your commute to work is short, as in, non-existent. Just power on your computer and start your day.

House Cleaning

Do you like to organize? Do you like to leave places looking better than when you arrived? Consider becoming a house cleaner. You can make a significant hourly wage. And if you do good work, you are invited back every week. A consistent client can become dependable income for you. You may not even have to purchase your own cleaning supplies – just use your client’s as part of the deal. While it is a labor intensive pursuit, it can be supremely satisfying as well.

Interior or Exterior Painting

If you are good with a paintbrush, wield it to make cash. Many people would love to have the interior or exterior of their homes painted, they just simply don’t have the time. With word of mouth and local advertising, you can become the town’s go-to when a homeowner wants a room painted quickly and without having to do it themselves. This company would take some research to start if you have no experience. You need to be able to estimate the amount and price of paint before offering a quote, but maybe conduct a few trial runs for family and friends to get your feet wet.


You can watch children in your home if you are kid-friendly, fun-loving and responsible. Parents love at-home daycare because of the one-on-one attention their child may not receive at a facility. Beware, you’ll have to get licensing from the state and you may be subject to inspections, but the joy of having cute kids around and getting paid for it may be worth it.

Pet Care

There is a myriad of options when it comes to taking care of people’s pets. You can become a dog-walker and find regular clients on a daily basis. You could be a pet sitter and only watch pets when their owners are away. You could become a pet waste cleaner, regularly cleaning up pet owners’ yards so they can avoid the mess themselves. You could combine pet sitting with house sitting and expand your business as you go. You could become a dog groomer. If you love animals, consider caring for pets – its a big business, with many opportunities.

The Jewish Futures Conference

November 7th in Denver, Colorado
The Jewish Prosumer: The Move from Consumer to Producer in Jewish Life and Learning

Rarely, does an opportunity present itself for emerging voices to take center stage before the movers and shakers of an entire community. This competition provides you with the opportunity to share your ideas about how to shape the Jewish educational landscape of the 21st century. We encourage you to seize this moment to be bold, brave and visionary as we stand at the crossroads of what many have claimed to be a new era of Jewish life.

The 2nd Jewish Futures Competition is part of the Jewish Futures Conference being held on Monday November 7th from 12:45 to 3:30pm at the Jewish Federation of North America’s annual General Assembly in Denver, Colorado.

Last year’s winners, Patrick Aleph, Russel Neiss, Michael Sabani, and Charles Schwartz have all gone on to receive accolades and major communal grants since their appearance at last year’s conference.

Sponsored by the Jewish Education Project and JESNA’s Lippman Kanfer Institute, and hosted by Jewish Federations of North America, The Jewish Futures Competition invites your thinking on how to create a dynamic Jewish future.

The Jewish Futures Conference will bring together visionary thinkers, passionate individuals, and inspiring presentations in a conference designed to shift the horizon of our thinking in Jewish education.

Advances in media and technology are propelling rapid changes in the ways we live and learn that extend far beyond the technologies themselves. The Jewish Futures Conference will provide a space to imagine, learn and engage in purposeful and courageous conversation about the future of Jewish education and how it can thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s world.

The theme for this year’s Jewish Futures Conference and the focus of the Competition is: The Jewish Prosumer: The Move from Consumer to Producer in Jewish Life, Living, and Learning.

How will Jewish life, living, and learning change as we move to a society in which individuals are not only consumers of information and culture, but also producers of their own and others’ experiences?

We invite you to share your answers to these questions in a way that is engaging, provocative, thoughtful, and perhaps even inspirational. Click here to read more about the video competition.

The Jewish Futures Conference

Ideas, Inspirations and Visions.

Dare to dream big for Jewish education. The first-ever Jewish Futures Conference – November 8th in New Orleans – is the place where it will happen and is the place to be.

Communal leaders, educators, and educational entrepreneurs and forecasters will convene at this extraordinary program – during the 2010 General Assembly of The Jewish Federations of North America – to chart a course for the future of Jewish learning and education into the 21st century and examine social, economic, technological and community forces and trends.

As professionals, educators, and forward-looking thinkers making an impact on the Jewish future, we will be inspired, challenged and energized to be agents of change within Jewish education and our greater community.

The Jewish Futures Conference, 8:00 to 10:15 a.m. Monday, Nov. 8th in New Orleans. Breakfast will be available from 7:30 a.m.

Jewish Futures Competition

How Do You Envision the Future of Jewish Education?

In a national competition this summer, forward-looking thinkers produced four-minute videos presenting views of the future shape and scope of Jewish education. The best of these – judged by a respected panel of Jewish educators and communal professionals – will be showcased at the Jewish Futures Conference, Nov. 8 in New Orleans.

The winners will be at the conference to present their ideas live and to engage with attendees.

“The competition ensures that emerging voices are given the space they deserve,” said David Bryfman, director of the New Center for Collaborative Leadership of BJENY-SAJES, co-sponsor of the conference. “Ideas can and should come from all angles and sources – established organizations and new and young people alike.”

The winners of the Jewish Futures Competition will be announced and showcased here in late-September.